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About Puerto Vallarta (PVR)

Puerto Vallarta is a perfect place for a relaxing vacation. This Mexican beach resort city is situated on the Pacific Ocean's Bahía de Banderas. The city was named after Ignacio Vallarta, a former governor of Jalisco. In Spanish, Puerto Vallarta is frequently shortened to "Vallarta", while English speakers refer to the city as P.V. The language spoken across the city is Mexican Spanish, however, those involved in the tourism industry can manage a little bit of English. Will you be flying to Puerto Vallarta? If yes, here are some facts about the city for you.

Puerto Vallarta was once named as La ciudad más amigable del mundo, which translates to 'The Friendliest City in the World'. The city is primarily a tourist destination, owing to its beautiful beaches and natural scenery that calms the senses. There are plentiful recreational activates available within the city that promise adventure and fun. International tourism takes a peak from late November through March or depending on the timing of the college Spring Break period in the USA. The reason why the city is popular with western U.S residents is because of the number of direct flights between Puerto Vallarta and Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, and Phoenix. Western Canada also has a good number of direct scheduled and charter flights from western Canadian cities.

With the importance of tourism being said, it is no surprise to learn that almost 50% of Puerto Vallarta's workforce is employed in tourist related industries, like; hotels, restaurants, personal services, and transportation. The tourism industry of Puerto Vallarta has increased steadily over the years and makes up for 50% of the city's economic inflow. This rapid growth in tourist volume in Puerto Vallarta has contributed to increased hotel and rental apartment constructions. However, the city also continues to have its fair share of inflow from  agricultural, industrial and commercial sectors.

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Explore Puerto Vallarta:

  1. Marieta Islands: Get hold of some divine time with nature at Marieta Islands. The uninhabited islands a little off the coast of Nayarit is a popular honeymoon destination in Puerto Vallarta; also famous for whale watching, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

  2. Bahía de Banderas: A bay on the Pacific Coast of Mexico that welcomes one for sailing and seashore fun- Bahía de Banderas. Get into the locality for beaches and splash-filled adventures.

  3. Bucerías: Catch up on some shopping, kitesurfing, and sumptuous local and international cuisine, at Bucerías (translated as "place of divers"). This is a small beach resort town that would make your visit feel at home!

  4. Sayulita: Visit the small village north of downtown Puerto Vallarta-  Sayulita. The area is popular for its beaches, dining, elegant beach resorts, fishing activities, yoga, scuba diving, etc.

Few other things to do in Puerto Vallarta:

  1. Canopy Tour / Zip lines

  2. Sailing

  3. Kitesurfing 

  4. Parasailing

  5. Jet Skiing

  6. Fishing

  7. Horseback Riding

  8. Turtle-Watching & Repatriation

  9. Hiking

  10. Sea Life Park by Dolphin Discovery

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  2. Plan your trip accordingly, when your travel isn't an emergency. Flying during holidays, festive season, etc., could be expensive. Thus again, if your trip is a sure one, check out flights in advance to know discounts on flights to Puerto Vallarta.

  3. Flying during the weekdays could spare your pockets a reasonable amount of money. Consider this option.

  4. Check out if there are 2 flights with 2-3 stops on route to Puerto Vallarta. Getting a little out of the comfort zone of direct flights can save you a huge sum of money.

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