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About Tokyo (TYO)

Tokyo, the capital city and the most populous city in Japan, is a globally recognized city for its advancement in technology and economy. Tokyo is also a popular tourist destination, widely visited for its culture and heritage. Japanese is the official language spoken, yet there are variations in the dialect. Here are some facts about the city to make your visit more interesting.

Tokyo is the seat of the Emperor of Japan and the Japanese government. Although it is referred to as a city, Tokyo is known and governed as a "metropolitan prefecture". The standout characteristic of Tokyo is its ability to combine both the features of a city and a prefecture and carry out the functions effortlessly. Having said about the fame of Tokyo and its position among other global cities, it is no surprise that the city hosts 51 of the Fortune Global 500 companies, which is the highest number of any city in the world.

Tokyo's economy is one among the strongest economies in across the globe. It ranked fifth in the Global Economic Power Index and fourth in the Global Cities Index, and is also considered an alpha+ world city. Having the largest metropolitan economy in the world, Tokyo thrives economically in transportation, publishing, electronics and broadcasting industries. It is also a major international finance center and houses the headquarters of several of the world's largest investment banks and insurance companies.

There are several other things that have listed Tokyo in the good books. To mention few; "Best overall experience", "helpfulness of locals", "nightlife", "shopping", "local public transportation" and "cleanliness of streets".

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Explore Tokyo:

  1. Meiji Shrine: A famous shrine among the locals and other visitors in Tokyo is the Meiji Shrine. This famed Shinto shrine is dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shoken. The shrine is built in the traditional Japanese style and offers a glimpse into the architectural beauty as well.

  2. Senso-ji: One of the oldest and most significant temples in Tokyo- Senso-ji. This ancient Buddhist temple is dedicated to the goddess of mercy.

  3. Tokyo Imperial Palace: Find rich Japanese art and heritage at Tokyo Imperial Palace. This was earlier the residence of the emperor and the royal family. The palace is now open for tours.

  4. Tokyo National Museum: Feast in the rich culture of Japanese art and tradition at Tokyo National Museum. The museum displays and preserves ancient artifacts. It is not alone the largest art museum in Japan but is also one among the largest in the world.

  5. Tokyo Disneyland: Do not miss out the world of fun and absolute entertainment at the Tokyo Disneyland. Disney themed rides, dining, and more at the magical world!

Few other things to do in Tokyo:

  1. Odaiba

  2. Ueno Park

  3. Rikugien

  4. Shinjuku Gyoen

  5. Zojo-ji

  6. Ueno Zoo

  7. Harajuku

  8. Tokyo DisneySea

  9. Tokyo Tower

  10. Shitamachi Museum

Tips to book cheap flights to Tokyo:

  1. Once you decide to fly, make sure you head straight to check on the flights. Booking in advance is a great way to catch hold of cheap flight tickets.

  2. Plan your trip accordingly, when your travel isn't an emergency. Flying during holidays, festive season, etc., could be expensive. Thus again, if your trip is a sure one, check out flights in advance to know discounts on flights to Tokyo.

  3. Flying during the weekdays could spare your pockets a reasonable amount of money. Consider this option.

  4. Check out if there are 2 flights with 2-3 stops on route to Tokyo. Getting a little out of the comfort zone of direct flights can save you a huge sum of money.

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