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Winnipeg (YWG) to Toronto (YYZ)

  1. Tourist Attractions
    Planning a trip? You've reached the right place. Tripzumi is here at your service to ensure a safe trip from Winnipeg to Toronto with lowest airfares. Here's a list of the city's frequently visited sites:
    • CN Tower: This tall sky-piercing free standing tower will leave you transfixed and exhilarated for a minute. Take a tour of this tower using the glass elevator and reach the top of the building which is over 500 meters tall. The most fascinating thing about the CN Tower is the revolving restaurant inside it, with a glass floor. This might creep some of us, but imagine dining at this restaurant, 500 meters away from the ground level, grasping a glorious 360-degree view of the setting of sun in the evenings. Isn't this an amazing way to begin your trip at Toronto?
    • Toronto City Hall: One of the finest masterpiece of architecture, Toronto City Hall comprise of two buildings apparently forming a semi-circle. This building has managed to retain its sheen for decades.
    • Toronto Zoo: Worth visiting during any time of the year. The zoo is categorized into regional zones and also features indoor and outdoor displays. Make sure you squeeze these top-rated sites into your schedule and have the time of your life!

  2. Tips and hints for a better trip
    Most of us prefer taking off to a tourist spot during summer to bask under the sun and enjoy pleasant weather. Toronto's late spring and early fall is the ideal period to be part of the summer events and to experience the summer warmth. Though you may expect freezing temperature and snowfall during winter, this becomes the favorable climate to indulge in Skiing and Ice-skating. Tripzumi works round the year to help you book cheap flights to Winnipeg. Keep visiting and look out for best deals to book the flight that fits your budget.

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For all the wanderers consumed by wanderlust, travelers taking up frequent business visits and family trips from Winnipeg (YWG) to Toronto (YYZ), Tripzumi is here to make your journey memorable and convenient so that you can get gorgeously tanned at the beachside with your loved ones without grumbling about the ticket prices. Explore the various flight options offered by Tripzumi for your travel from Winnipeg to Toronto. Best deals and offers can help you save money with which you extend your shopping time and spend lavishly at your destination spot. Safe and convenient trip becomes a reality with Tripzumi.

Cheap flights from Winnipeg (YWG) to Toronto (YYZ)

  1. How to find lowest airfares to travel from Winnipeg to Toronto?
    The tedious task of finding cheap flights from Winnipeg to Toronto gets more simplified with Tripzumi.

  2. What are the popular tourist attractions in Winnipeg?
    Winnipeg is located at the confluence of the Red and Assiniboine rivers and these rivers become the popular landmarks of Winnipeg. This multicultural city has become the house of residents from all over the world, particularly from the European countries. The popular tourist attractions include The Forks, Winnipeg Art Gallery, The Manitoba Museum, Assiniboine Park, King's Park and many more. The Forks is a must-visit spot, located along the Red River. The Forks Market is designed in the form of a historic building with fifty shops offering specialty ethnic foods that include Sri Lankan and Caribbean cuisine. You can also find handmade gifts, jewellery and toys in the Forks Market. Western Canada's oldest gallery, Winnipeg Gallery showcases a huge collection of Inut Art and other notable works of artists from Manitoba and Canada. The Manitoba Museum allows you to explore the rich heritage and history of Manitoba. Consisting of nine galleries, covering over 68,000 square feet, the museum exhibits galleries representing the several regions of Manitoba.

  3. Where do I shop in Winnipeg?
    The popular shopping avenues of Winnipeg include Academy road, Osborne Street, Forks Market and Downtown. These spots offer finest restaurants, coffee shops and fashion boutiques. Food connoisseurs can have their way at Winnipeg and they can start off by savoring some of their local delights which include Winnipeg goldeye, Winnipeg-style rye bread, Winnipeg style cream cheese and Manitoba Maple Syrup. As a multicultural city, Winnipeg glorifies its diversity with the Folklorama Festival, which is supposedly the longest running multicultural event of its kind. To visit this extraordinary diverse city, book cheap flights at Tripzumi and start preparing your check-list, pack your bags and off you go to your favorite destination.

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